Saturday, 1 January 2011

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year - more paper !

The 1st January 2011. A New Year, some new rules & regulations for property sales, with a requirement for DPE reports (energy ratings), and status reports on fosse septiques.

December has proved to be a fruitful month for sales, and special thanks go to Kim & Nigel, our colleagues in the Poitou Charentes, who managed to secure sales on both Christmas Eve and also New Year’s Eve. An example of the Allez-Français team going the “extra mile”, whilst other agents extended the holiday period.

It was rather fitting that the deal agreed yesterday, on New Year’s Eve was for a Scottish couple, selling their home near Melle. They were able to celebrate Hogmanay in style.

The new energy reports are working their way on to websites, property details, and into windows. They won’t change much – one of our properties scores incredibly badly on one scale, and then incredibly well on another. It just has an outdated system, which is blatantly obvious to even the most inexperienced eye. We also have 2 identical properties that have been visited for the diagnostic reports, by different “experts”. The results are significantly different, even though the houses and the heating systems are the same. C’est la via !

If you would like to see my New Year greeting, follow the link below

Bonne année pour 2011, Peter Elias
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