Friday, 22 April 2011

Friday, 22 April 2011

Early drought in the Poitou Charentes ?

We seem to have by-passed Spring and gone straight into Summer with lovely temperatures throughout the middle of April and virtually cloudless blue skies.

But this is coming at a cost since 8 departments have seen the imposition of summer-style water restrictions. Those worst hit by the drought are Seine-et-Marne, Essonne and Val-de-Marne which are on maximum restrictions with water even being banned for irrigating agricultural crops. Also affected are the Deux-Sèvres and Charente-Maritime where prefects have asked consumers and producers to reduce their usage. The neighbouring Charente and Vienne are also on a low-level alert. We have had virtually no rain now for three months and there is a real risk of drought if there is no rain in the weeks to come. The forecast is less favourable for the Easter weekend, but not a lot of rainfall predicted.

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