Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Changing markets

Wealthy North European buyers from Germany, Norway, Belgium and the Netherlands are moving into the French property sector, with British and Americans clients largely absent. The turmoil in the equities markets is driving buyers back to a safe haven they trust … namely, property, and this coupled with historically low interest rates throughout the Eurozone, has created a rise in demand. However there is still a very cautious approach by British & US buyers, who remain conspicuous by their absence, principally due to a lack of confidence in their respective economies and currencies. Peter Elias

Friday, 12 August 2011

England - summer 2011

This picture says it all. The recent rioting in England has made us appreciate just how lucky we are living here in France. The images of vandalism and youths looting shops has not been a great advert for the UK, especially with 2012 being Olympic year. No wonder the kids of today don't respect other citizens and their property, they clearly don't have any respect for themselves. Rural France seems an awful long way away from what is going on back in England at the moment.