Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday best and the Brits are back

Only in France could this happen - and that is why we love it here !

We recently did a viewing on Easter Sunday. The buyers drove a few hundred Km out of their way on a return journey from their holiday to view the house. We as the agents, and the vendors agreed to give up our day off, in order to accommodate the clients.

The viewing went well, the £ continued it's improvement against the €, and a deal was struck to the delight of all parties.

All of the diagnostic reports have now been completed, and the English speaking Notaire that we use, is working as a write this piece to send the compromis de vente out by e-mail today, yes, working on a Sunday !

A really great example of everyone pulling in the same direction and getting things done.

The strength of the £ (or weakness of the €uro) has seen increased interest from UK buyers in recent weeks, and the £ has hit a 20 month high this week, and is now pushing towards a 4 year high possibly very soon. Good news indeed for UK buyers. Come on - there are some great buys to be had.

Peter Elias
(Agent Commercial)