Monday, 1 July 2013

Monday, 1 July 2013

You cannot be serious !

It is, in case you hadn’t noticed, Wimbledon fortnight. “You cannot be serious” – the famous words of John McEnroe at Wimbledon during his tirade at an umpire during a match at Wimbledon in 1981.

Well, we have had some interesting situations during the last few days that almost call for those famous words to be shouted out aloud once more, but not at SW19, but here in the Dordogne Valley.

First we have had a vendor, tied into us with an exclusive mandat, trying to do their own thing with a private sale.

Then we had a buyer agreeing to a purchase, with the viewing taking place only using a portable telephone and Skype technology.

Then to round things off, we obtained an offer at the full asking price for a property, (at which point the vendors are legally obliged to sell).  The vendors tried to get a bit greedy, and agreed a deal with another buyer via another agency, for 1000 € more.  The outcome of that is that they now have a legal case on their hands, as they are liable for our fees!

The moral of these brief snippets, is you need to be very serious, and know how to handle a French sale or purchase. The rules are different in France to the UK, and we will do everything we can to guide you. Don’t get yourself into a tangle !

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