Thursday, 19 March 2015

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Allez-Francais will cover the cost of your property video

I recently worked with a professional video producer, Joanna Urwin, to create a short film about Allez Francais and how we work.  Joanna runs a Dordogne based business "VideoProFrance".

I don’t want clients to think of us as "Estate Agents". Allez-Francais is in the business of selling houses, but we take a lot of time to get to know our clients, what matters to them and the kind of property that will suit them best. In the long run this saves everyone a good deal of wasted time and disappointment.

Our Team have a vast range of property knowledge, and experience of living and working in various areas of France. They can advise on mortgages, currency exchange, surveys, legal matters and insurance – a complete package so to speak!  

I am delighted with the video Joanna produced. I hope it gives people an insight into the level of service that we offer and the process of buying a property in south west France.

Through working with Joanna, I also gained a better understanding of how versatile and effective using video can be.

Property sellers are increasingly using the power of video to get their property listing found in a web search.   Joanna explained to me that including an optimised YouTube video on our property website will significantly increase the chance of a property being seen on page 1 of Google.

Video is also mobile friendly, which is good news bearing in mind that the number of people searching for a property on a tablet or smartphone is growing all the time. of course has a full web page dedicated to each and every property on our books.
If you are interested in having a short video made to promote your property for sale - I recommend you to contact Joanna. If we have a mandat to sell your property, we will add a copy of your YouTube video to the Allez Francais website, and if we sell your property too I guarantee to refund you the cost of having the video produced.

If you would like to know more please email me or contact

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