Thursday, 30 April 2015

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Practical help for new homeowners in Charente

Once the completion of your property has gone through the real life excitement of settling-in begins!

The French climate, the space, the divine food, & great affordable wines are now suddenly all part of your day to day.

And just like the slow pace of French life, the settling-in process can rarely be rushed too. Perhaps you will be starting a new business or need to secure planning permission. Will you need to have your birth certificate translated or perhaps set up a new Butagaz contract or Internet connection?

All these issues (and many others) will, without doubt, involve a great deal of paperwork - for which France is well-renowned. Tournesol Language & Services, based in Cellefrouin, provide a full translation and problem-solving service helping English speakers with interpretation, paperwork and advice.
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Tournesol Language & Services is managed by Mandy Davison, who holds a degree in French, & the Post Grad Diploma in Professional Translation from the Institute of Linguists in London. She has lived in the Charente for 9 years, and is a local town councillor.

Mandy says “The list is endless but here are some of the many things I've sorted out for my clients over the years - Obtaining refunds of over-payments from EDF or France Telecom, organising approvals with Communauté de Communes & SPANC for new Fosses Septiques, helping English-speakers get new businesses registered & legally set up, arranging medical appointments then attending them as interpreter, organising imported car re-registrations, liaising with SAUR to get water meters changed & leaks fixed.”

So if you are moving to Charente and think you might need some extra help - you can get in touch with Mandy via her website or by calling T: 05 45 89 39 71 Mb: 06 35 96 54 96
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