Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Top Quatorze

The French equivalent of the Premiership in Rugby Union is the Top Quatorze, (top 14 teams). Amongst those 14 teams are 6 from S W France, 2 of which are close to our hearts, being Brive and La Rochelle.

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However, there is another Top 14 in France that you may not have noticed.......

Within the Allez-Français team, there are the commercial agents, headed by MD Peter Elias, plus Kim & Nigel Cowles based in the Poitou Charentes, Nikki & Richard Morford living in the Perigord Vert, Lisa Maitland in Gascony, plus Dan Arnold close to Bordeaux & Bergerac.  In addition to these 7 are another group of individuals, playing a vitally important role in making Allez-Français one of the leading property agents in France.

Bridget Elias is officially the secretary of both the SARL & Limited Company, but may also speak to clients when they phone through to our offices. She has stepped back in recent years from her previously active role in sales, but still maintains good contact with “old friends” (clients), and deals with a lot of the French enquiries.

Lisa’s partner Jason often helps her with viewings and when she takes on new properties. He is an expert with the camera and master of floor plans!

Dan’s wife Jo also gets involved, particularly when he is overrun with enquiries & viewings. That is, when she is not bringing up their young family, and managing their gite / chambre d’hotes business.

So that makes 10 stars within the business. Who are the other 4?

Well, the agency is an internet based business, and Matt Frisch from Port 80 Services has been our webmaster now for over a year, having been responsible for the Mark 2 version of the site which was introduced in 2014. It goes without saying that a reliable site is essential, and one that is easy to navigate. The AF site wins plenty of compliments from our clientele.

Another background team member is Annette Morris, better known as “LaFranglaise”, who looks after all of our Social Media requirements. She also runs her own business http://lafranglaiseweb.com

Adam Bobroff is one of the first contacts that most of our serious clients get to speak to. One of our dedicated foreign currency dealers, Adam can secure preferential rates for AF clients, and has worked with us as an integral part of our team for over 10 years. Foremost Currency Group are the preferred currency dealers of the Allez-Français team.

Finally, Christian Perron, who is the MD of the JeSuisAgentImmobilier network. We have worked with Christian since 2008, and once more he is seen as an integral part of our set-up. Allez-Français is the No 1 agency within the JeSuis network, and for 2014, our own Richard Morford was the top selling individual agent. Christian is always available to us, virtually 24/7, and has been 100% behind us in our goal for success in this business.

So there you have it – our very own Top XIV – and very hard to beat !
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