Saturday, 27 June 2015

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Hot! hot! hot!

One of the great joys of living in SW France from March / April onwards is the glorious warm weather and blue skies, but there are times when you may prefer to be cooler, especially when temperatures climb over 30°C.

The current forecasts from Meteo France are predicting 10 plus days of temperatures in excess of 30°C, even rising to 40°C on 1st July.

I recall the summer of 2003, the year of the “canicule”, when during an unprecedented spell of hot weather, it was estimated 15,000 people died from heat related causes in France.

Naturally, you may wish to think about this when considering property in the area. Older properties built in stone, naturally maintain a cooler temperature inside during summer and are warmer than outside in winter.

There a number of ways of keeping cool or cooling yourself down, here are some ideas that may help you :

Outside : obviously a swimming pool, a spa, or the use of large parasols / awnings. You can’t beat a good tree for shade.

Very important is your shutter and windows management. The French close their shutters & windows during the day – it keeps the house wonderfully cool. They open everything 1st thing in the morning and after sunset to allow fresh air to circulate again.

Inside the house of course you can opt for ceiling fans and or air conditioning.  Portable air condition units can be very effective

Above all else, drink plenty of water ...!

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