Monday, 29 June 2015

Monday, 29 June 2015

The Translation Connexion for home owners in south west France

One of the most exasperating issues for expats in France is getting registered with the French healthcare system.

Kate Sevoz is a French native but has spent many years living in the UK. When she moved back to France a few years ago she experienced what it’s like to be an ‘expat’ in France. She then realised how stressful it can be to understand French bureaucracy and procedures.

Realising that she could help English speakers enjoy ‘la belle vie’ she founded The Translation Connexion.

Kate literally takes care of everything you need to get settled smoothly. Whether that is following up (and chasing up!) your French healthcare paperwork or getting a phone line connected, Kate makes all the calls and can even answer all those quirky questions that suddenly arise when you start adjusting to life in the French lane!

It’s not just a language service, because although some issues may be quite simple, they can take a very long time to resolve, especially where healthcare is concerned.

Kate explains “On behalf of my clients I follow up everything which can sometime be a lengthy process. Whether you are early retirees on a private pension, retirees on a state pension, still earning income from a UK employer and wanting to access cover in France for your entire family who now lives here, or no longer on UK income, working in France or not yet but planning to, … (and this list is non exhaustive), there is a way to access French healthcare cover in France. Surprisingly though, what may take the longest is getting hold of the paperwork from the UK! I have even had clients who have been incorrectly advised to give away their rights to the UK NHS as they were making a move to France!”.

Dealing with an unexpected property crisis - such as a huge water leak - can be particularly alarming. Kate knows who to turn to, how to deal with it and how to minimise potential costs or losses. This combination of experience and understanding of life in France makes The Translation Connexion a great resource for house buyers moving to the south west.

Kate is based in La Rochelle and carries out almost all of her work via phone, email and Skype keeping travel costs to a minimum.

You can contact Kate via her website or follow her status updates on Facebook page
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