Monday, 13 July 2015

Monday, 13 July 2015

"Faire le pont"

Just like many other countries, France has a series of bank holidays throughout the year.  These are called "jours fériés", and are public holidays during which public servants, employees and students generally have the day off.  On a Jour Férié it may be difficult to find open shops and services, and advance booking for restaurants or accommodation is strongly advised!

Unlike, for example, the United Kingdom, French bank holidays can take place on any day - not just Mondays, so if a bank holiday falls on a Tuesday or a Thursday the French are likely to 'faire le pont' - which effectively means “make a bridge” by taking an extra day off inbetween.

Today is Monday 13 July and tomorrow is Bastille Day - the 14th July, and a bank holiday of celebration and festivities in France.  For many people it does not make sense to come to have the weekend off, work today then take tomorrow off.  Many people will be taking a 'pont' day today and extending their weekend to a 4-day holiday.

Here at Allez-Francais we are open as usual today.  We will not be conducting any viewings tomorrow, but all our other services will be available as usual. 

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