Sunday, 27 September 2015

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Ad'AP deadline 27 September 2015

An increasing number of properties on our books are ideal for business use, either because they are already established, or have the potential to generate an annual income.

A new legislation in France is currently coming into force that requires all public venues to be accessible. Art galleries, shops, hotels and other buildings listed as an ERP (établissement recevant du public) will need to comply, which might mean structural changes need to be carried out within the coming year.

There has, however, been some ambiguity over how this law applies to smaller establishments; Bed and Breakfasts, Holiday Gites and Villas, and those business properties with 4 bedrooms or less.

Today (27 September) is the deadline for submitting a dossier to your mairie to demonstrate compliance.

All properties and businesses differ, so if in any doubt and to avoid any later penalties, contact the Prefecture for your department to find out how this legislation may apply to you.

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