Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Why the fuss about exclusivity?

Exclusive mandats for French property: at Allez-Français that's over 10% of the property portfolio (a percentage that is growing).

So why the fuss about exclusivity?
First of all, unlike the UK market which is principally "sole agency", the French market is driven by "simple mandats" which are effectively multi agency. For this reason, almost all properties are on the market with 4 or 5 agencies, (sometimes even more), and because all agencies have different fee structures, the house tends to appear in advertisements at many different prices.

So what are the advantages to the respective buyer or seller of the AF approach?

Benefits to buyers : 

No confusion: You do not have to trawl through websites seeing the same property marketed at different prices. Because only one agent is dealing with the sale, we will always know exactly what the true position is.   In contrast, on multiple agency cases, the seller (and their agent), often do not advise other agencies.

Better visibility: With an exclusive mandat we can disclose the exact location with GPS coordinates and Google Earth street view images before commiting to a viewing.

Benefits to sellers : 

Faster sales: Because we have full control over the sale, we can manage the advertising / marketing of the property more effectively. We are more inclined to use For Sale boards, which can attract viewings. Having the property advertised at just one price results in a more consistent and professional approach. We can also invest more time in our photography and advertising for the property.

We have proven during 2014 & 2015 that houses listed in exclusivity sell faster than multiple agency houses.

Today we have 30 exclusive properties on offer, out of around 250 houses listed, with prices ranging from 150,000 up to 995,000 € for houses.    Take a look at our website page

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