Saturday, 2 January 2016

Saturday, 2 January 2016

2015 a record year – now for 2016!

Wow! What a year we have just witnessed. Many highs during the year, with record sales in several departments for Allez-Français, (and we have been established for almost 15 years now), but lows with the terrorist attacks on Paris. Events that have cast a shadow over an otherwise fantastic year.

We have seen a significant shift in the market during 2015, and no longer do we see this as a “buyers market”, open to offers. Prices have firmed up, and we have sold many properties at the full asking price. (We do price them competitively from the outset, especially where we have a property in exclusivity). Prices have been helped undoubtedly by a weakening Euro, and the table below shows how much a typical property of 275,000 Euros would cost in Sterling terms. In property, timing is often more important than negotiating skills. Even during the last 3 months we have seen rates varying from 1.34 to 1.44.

House purchase at 275,000 Euros Exchange Rate Price in Sterling
30/12/2015 1.355 £ 202,952.03
2015 high 1.44 £ 190,972.22
2015 low 1.27 £ 216,535.43
2014 low 1.19 £ 231,092.44
2013 low 1.10 £ 250,000.00

Looking forward to the New Year, we want to work closely with our clients to achieve their goals.  If you subscribe to this blog please send me an email to let me if you plan to purchase in France:
  • Immediately (within 3 months if possible)
  • In the near future (2016) 
  • Longer term or perhaps not at all
We can then use your response to prioritise our responses. We believe that working together we can make it happen in 2016!

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