Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

France Will Give Residents €10,000 If They Switch Their Diesel Vehicle To A Hybrid

The monetary incentive to switch is available to any individual in the nation who trades in an old clunker for a vehicle that runs on clean energy. Depending upon what type of vehicle is purchased, the dollar amount ranges up to €10,000 if a fully electric vehicle is selected, or up to €6,500 for a plug-in hybrid.

And if the old diesel is replaced with a vehicle that meets Euro 6 specifications and emits less than 110 gC02/km, there’s an additional €500 payoff for non-taxable households.

The ambition to remove diesel vehicles from the streets makes sense, as older diesel cars are among the worst offenders when it comes to carbon emissions. In addition, most of their materials can be recycled, but it is the fossil fuel they burn and pollute – causing devastation to the health of the planet and its inhabitants – that cannot be recycled. If this campaign is successful, perhaps the department will expand it in the future to include certain younger vehicles as well.

What is clear is that France is setting a remarkable example for other nations to follow; hopefully in the near future it will no longer be an anomaly for a country’s key leaders to rule in favour of the environment and the citizens it cares for.

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