Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Partnerships matter

Allez-Français have always held an ethos of strong partnerships.

Our agents are couples and we work with our clients in this way to find their dream property.

We have a unique partnership with Foremost – they have been supporting some of our marketing campaigns for several years now. Adam Bobroff has been the dedicated currency dealer for our clients for over 10 years.

We have partnerships with other professionals such as CAFPI – France’s No 1 mortgage broker.

Over the past decade and more, our company has earned its reputation for success based upon our responsiveness, reliability, integrity and a high level of commitment to its clients.

The company works with a wide range of UK, French and International customers, many of whom have remained friends after the property transaction has been completed. Our clients come from Britain, Europe, America, Asia and the Australasia - truly global!

A very important role within our business is guiding these clients to make good decisions - such as currency exchange. (We were advising UK buyers to lock in at £ rates in excess of 1.40 late in 2015).

We will also challenge people’s perception of what they want from their French property, as clients often come to us thinking they know exactly what they want, but we then spend quality time with them to ensure they understand exactly what they’ll get for their money and what they really require.

In brief, we help them define or redefine the lifestyle choice that they are searching for.

Many clients change their minds when they fully understand the options are open to them. That is what we do best, as proven by the many wonderful testimonials we receive.

Photo acknowledgement: Foremost Currency Group
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