Friday, 29 January 2016

Friday, 29 January 2016

The £, $ and € - a deciding factor for overseas Buyers

I suspect the most important factor for UK buyers looking to move to France during 2016 will be the interaction between the £ and €. For buyers from further afield and outside the Eurozone the FX market is equally important.

Below is a quick snapshot of the market today and a year ago, also highlighting the highs and lows during this 12 month period.

Currencies 2015 2016 High Low
UK £  1.34  1.305 1.44 1.29
AUS $   0.70 0.645 0.73 0.61
US $   0.88 0.92 0.95 0.86
It is interesting to note that at face value not a lot has changed over a year. The Euro has gained against most currencies during this period. But when you look a bit deeper at the right hand columns you will see that the real story is quite different and that there have been some really good moments to have purchased, and sometimes when it has not been so good.

Timing is crucial, and we do recommend that buyers affected by currency fluctuations keep a regular dialogue with our currency partners.

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