Friday, 11 March 2016

Friday, 11 March 2016

"I will sell this house"

My house was for Sale since four months. A few visitors had passed. They all liked the house. Or did they just pretend? I wondered, since I never heard from them again, nor from the accompanying agent...

In June I contacted Allez Français. The moment Richard Morford walked in, I knew that He would sell the house.

Richard, unlike other agents, took the time to look at the house. He noticed its charm, he felt its body, he felt its soul. Then he took the time to listen to its history. Then he walked through it again, from attic to basement. and through the garden, and through the hamlet. Meanwhile he took pictures. When all that was done he smiled and said: “I will sell this house”.

I knew he would, I knew it the moment he walked in. Before the summer had passed, he did it.

Betty Antierens

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