Monday, 7 March 2016

Monday, 7 March 2016

The Good Property Guide

In South Western France one name stands out: Allez-Francais

The Allez-Français brand has been well known in South Western France since the company started selling houses back in 2002. During this time, the company has been particularly recognised for its activity in the middle and higher market areas.

“Most of our sales are in the price band of €250,000 to €500,000, advises Peter Elias, founder of the company. “We have a strong selection of houses in this price band, and beyond right up to the €20 million mark.”

The competition for quality houses is always strong amongst agents, so how do Allez-Français achieve such outstanding results for a relatively small business?

“There are two principal ingredients – firstly the presentation of the property, involving thorough, accurate and detailed descriptions of houses, coupled with high definition images to showcase the property at its best.

“Too many agents fail to provide a decent description of a property, frequently lacking room sizes for example, and often there is a lack of images, or even worse, those used are of a poor quality. All of our images are taken using a quality digital SLR camera, and each agent has invested in extra lenses and image software in order to provide a pictorial story for each and every property.

The next key ingredient is the effective marketing of a property. Many traditional agents still rely on their offices and in-house website to market their houses. Today, with more than 90 per cent of research via the internet, that is simply not enough. The Allez-Français portfolio is presented to the awaiting public via numerous property websites, and the in-house website is updated hourly throughout the week, ensuring it is 100 per cent up to date.

“In addition, we utilise magazine advertising to supplement our on-line presence. This is an essential ingredient to our mix, and one that we value highly. Many agents have moved away from printed marketing, but the right exposure in a quality magazine is worth every penny.”

As well as taking extra care with the presentation of their houses, the Allez-Français team go the extra mile when it comes to viewing visits. Placing an emphasis upon quality rather than quantity, their experienced team will discuss your requirements with you, and make sure all of the arrangements to visit houses runs as smoothly as possible.

No rushed visits, and always time to sit down and take a coffee to discuss the process of buying a house, as well as the nitty gritty of a particular property. It is this eye for detail that makes this team stand out from others in a very crowded market place.

Allez-Français also has a higher percentage of “exclusive” properties than most agencies. This is quite rare in France, where multiple agency is the “norm”. This means of course, that many of these exceptional houses are only available via this agency.

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This article appears on page 42 of the March/April edition of The Good Property Guide

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