Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

5 top tips for buying a property and moving to France

We have recently worked with one of the leading French property magazines to produce our 5 top tips for buying a property and moving to France.

You can check these out here :


It is always our goal with each client to build a really strong relationship that allows us to work for you. Most of the time we succeed, and we have great feedback from clients who become friends.

We try to keep our clients informed by various means, including of course telephone, e-mail and our monthly newsletter.   But we also take great pride in our Social Media channels, in particular Facebook & Twitter, where you will always find snippets of information, price reductions – always bang up to date.

Enjoy the summer, it looks like 30°C plus for us in S W France. But, as a word of warning, we do need plenty of notice for viewings, so please do not hope for something last minute ...!

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