Monday, 11 July 2016

Monday, 11 July 2016


After the Brexit vote, there is a suspicion developing that we are about to see a “Brexodus”.

An increasing number of clients have advised us over recent days that they are now “more committed than ever” to make that move to France.

Many comments such as "we don't like the direction the UK is heading and wish to move to another country and remove ourselves from the negative ethos being created in the UK."

"I wish to remain a European"

We have pulled together a help sheet of Q & A on the Brexit subject – available upon request via

Remember, once Britain triggers Article 50 there is a period of 2 years in which to negotiate withdrawal from the EU and agreements with the EU countries.

During those two years Britain remains part of the EU and so in the short term nothing is going to change. Nobody seems very keen at the moment to pull that particular trigger, but plenty have "sharpened knives" in their pockets it seems.

It goes without saying that the answers to all of these questions depend upon the outcome of negotiations between Britain and the EU, nobody knows for certain what will happen.


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