Monday, 10 October 2016

Monday, 10 October 2016

Allez-Français Annual Conference

(Which could also be described as a team get-together!)

Our annual "reunion" took place on 7th & 8th October at the superb venue of Chateau Castel Novel on the outskirts of Brive. to a certain extent, this is a team building event, but also an investment in our agents, and a reward for their hard work. As well as the Banquet Dinner on Friday evening, we also visited the Denoix distillery for a tour of their facility on Friday afternoon.

The main goals of team-building are undoubtedly to improve productivity where possible and maintain or even improve motivation. By taking our agents out of an office environment really helps eliminate distractions, and for us all to share a bit of relaxation. Because we cover such a wide area of S W France, the number of times when we can really get together are very limited. This time we had the added bonus of being joined by Christian Perron, MD of JeSuisAgentImmobilier, plus Adam Bobroff & Tom Taylor at Foremost Currency.

As a company, we have been "licensed" as agents for over 10 years now, and this has always been a really good relationship. Foremost Currency have also been our "currency partners" for clients since their business was established over 10 years ago.

In a world where attention is constantly focused on making the client happy, some agencies forget about their most valued asset — their agents.

Afterwards the feedback was that the team realise how lucky they are to be part of a company that values every individual as a person and also as a team member. For us all, this was seen as an opportunity to ignite creativity and share ideas. At Allez-Français we have always encouraged / coached our agents to "run their own business as a business within our business", and we provide the proven business methods as a guide plus 1st class real estate systems (including software) which ultimately steers our agents towards success.

We are a small team, (5 couples), with no superstars, and no big egos. We share similar values, and have the same ideas about customer service, and how we present our company. It is important for us, that we use events like this to reinforce those values, and reward everyone, so that they feel special.


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