Thursday, 2 February 2017

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Top of Form!

The France Show held at Olympia in London always kick starts the year for French agents, so we expect to be busy in the months ahead. What is encouraging from our perspective is that we are already busy, and receiving plenty of enquiries from clients with excellent budgets. Most are from the UK, and determined to make their move to France regardless of Brexit, but many are also from the USA and Continental Europe.

We are matching those clients’ expectations with some wonderful new listings, and in the first 10 take-ons this year, we have 3 below 250k, 5 in the sector between 250-500k, 1 over 500k and one whopper at 14.9 million ... More of course, are in the pipeline, and several are exclusive to our agency.

Many clients are rate aware, and think that the £ is low currently (1.17 at the time of writing). It is important to point out that the average rate over the past 5 years has only been 1.20 and the days when rates were above 1.40 were very brief. However, it is that rate of 1.40 odd that many remember too well. Our dedicated currency dealers can assist here with a range of contracts, some for today and some for the future. Adam Bobroff and Tom Taylor will help you with your specific requirements.

Don’t forget to give us plenty of warning for your viewing visits. We can ensure your success by helping organise your visit. Too many clients try to fit too many properties in to their schedules, and often fail to appreciate the distances between houses sometimes. Talking to your Allez-Français agent in plenty of time will help your success rate. We may even have a cash-back reward for you, if you remember our previous offer!!

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