Sunday, 14 May 2017

Sunday, 14 May 2017

More success stories with our Exclusives

It is with increasing frequency that we are obtaining sole agency mandats, and then backing that up with a sale. 7 of our last 15 listings have been registered on this basis.

All of our “exclusive” properties are shown here :

Why does this work so well?

An “Exclusive Mandat de Vente” signifies a stronger commitment to work together between the vendor & the estate agent. Because we are guaranteed to receive our fees upon sale, we are inevitably more motivated than ever and we can justify a larger advertising budget to promote the property. This means that we will advertise your property on additional internet property portals and also in selected printed media.

Because the property is only being offered for sale by Allez-Français, it will only ever be advertised for sale at one “fees included” price – and this helps to protect a vendor’s asking price. We have complete control over the complete marketing process enabling us to manage the viewings, buyer expectations and negotiations more effectively.

An exclusive agency agreement does not preclude Allez-Français from working with any other agents that may have a potential buyer - in fact we welcome it if it assists with a sale.

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