Thursday, 8 June 2017

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Just the business ...

From time to time we have a run on a particular style of property, whether that be water mills, or farmhouses etc. At the moment, we have some really fabulous business opportunities in the form of Bed & Breakfast / Gîtes properties.

Having the combination of the 2 of course means that you are not exposed to one particular type of market. Chambre d’hôtes generally means having somebody sharing your living space, but some properties have flexible accommodation that lends itself to this sort of business, whilst retaining your own privacy. Having a business of this type in France is generally easy to register, and gets you into the healthcare system as well. Tax returns are not over complicated, and you can set your seasons to suit your rhythm of life.

My selection of properties for you : B & B + Gite + Pool 665,600 € B & B + Gite + Pool 595,000 € B & B + Gite + Shop 495,850 €

A few tips :
  • Location, Location, Location so very important.
  • Make sure people can find you! If they arrive late at night with no GPS and you are down a remote track in the back of beyond, inevitably you will not get off to a good start.
  • Be within easy reach of an Airport. If guests need to travel much over an hour it will hurt your bookings.
  • From the income you generate you will need to pay taxes, social charges, insurance, local tax de séjour, plus the running costs. If you need a mortgage / loans then don’t expect French banks to loan money for this type of business. If you have some other income, such as a pension or investments then you will be may find a lender.

All of our properties with business potential can be found at

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