Friday, 29 June 2018

Choosing the right agent and the right mandat in difficult circumstances

In our Property Blog we always try to provide some useful information, or focus upon the positive things that happen during our day to day events in France.

Sadly, as we all know, everyday cannot be like that. There are frustrations, challenges and many obstacles that we face - and we take those on the chin. There are some days however that just p*ss you off. They don't need to happen.

My most recent example was a visit to a lovely French lady in her 70s. Recently widowed, still emotional, and certainly vulnerable she has to sell her house now. The gardens are too big, the house is too large also, and she doesn't want to be isolated, away from friends and relatives.

Having visited her 3 times to explain who we are and how we work, she signed up for an exclusive mandat, also not wanting the involvement of local agents, as she is very convenient for them to just "pop by" with clients who are effectively in many cases just "tourists".

Having taken great care to clarify that we would only bring "qualified" clients, and with appropriate warning, by appointment, she was visibly relieved and a smile appeared on her face for the first time.

Rather annoyingly, within 2 hours of the property being published on our website, she was subjected to a telephone interrogation by a local agent, who clearly recognised the property. The call was not only unsolicited, but aggressive, and totally lacking any empathy for her situation.

I find it amazing that these agents work so hard to watch what is happening on our website, when they are so ineffective at selling similar properties on their books already, principally because they are sat over the road taking a coffee or on a smoking break.

Certainly if as much effort went into selling their own houses as they put into their jealous responses to our success, then they might discover how to do the job professionally and win some friends at the same time.

A property description consists of more than a couple of lines or 50 words. For images, you need quality pictures, generally taken on a tripod, and not hand held out of focus images with the washing on display.

Rant over - but still feeling somewhat annoyed!