Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Top 10 tips to help you plan your property visits


Don't try to visit too many houses. 4 or a maximum of 5 in a day is plenty. Even with digital cameras to help your memory, everything with go into a blur at the end of the day. Focus upon quality rather than quantity.


With that in mind talk to your agent well ahead of your visit. Don't rely upon e-mail exchanges. Share with us your wish list and tell us what to avoid.


Plan your days in advance. Distances in France can be deceptive. Check your approximate journey times between properties - are they realistic. If you need guidance, ask us!


If you like a property, and are interested then ask to spend a bit more time there. If possible have a drink with the owners, and picture yourself in the house.


Keep an open mind. It is amazing how many buyers end up purchasing something that they told us to avoid to start with.


A long day in the car poses a few problems, especially if you have children on board. Come prepared with a snack and some drinks.


 Allow ample time in your schedule to return for a 2nd visit to the property.


 Be street wise. If you are a UK buyer be aware of what the £ is doing. If you need a mortgage, talk to us about your options. There are some great deals out there ...


France is an enormous country with a wide diversity of climate and landscape. It has mountains, hills, flat areas, lakes, rivers, lots of coast, many pretty villages, and bustling towns. Which offers you the lifestyle that you want?


Finally, be courteous. If you are delayed call your agent to advise. Shake hands and greet the owners if they are present. They will probably disappear unless you have important questions. But this sort of French protocol is important and does help.

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