Friday, 3 August 2018

Friday, 3 August 2018

8 sizzling reasons to buy property in south west France today!

Prices are stable and if anything increasing steadily. Nothing spectacular, but none of our sales have been for heavily discounted deals. Several sales have achieved full asking price, all sure signs of a steady market. Value for money has never been an issue here in South West France.

Mortgage rates are still incredibly low in France. For example, via our own dedicated French broker we have access for our clients to rates as low as 1.25% over a 10 year period. This rate is so incredible that cash buyers are deciding to retain their capital liquid, and borrow even though they have no real need to do so.

Lifestyle - everyone relaxes when they come to France. The rat-race and stress are well and truly left behind when you arrive south of the Loire Valley. Enjoy the many festivals and farmer's markets that are there to enjoy throughout the summer months.

The weather in general this summer has been exceptionally good, but in France we have been able to enjoy gloriously long sunny days, with balmy evenings that are just perfect for a BBQ or drinks. Do beware of the extra powerful rays of the sun however, and use a sun screen.

Our selection of houses just gets better and better. How? Like the man from John West or Del Monte (do you remember the adverts), we only take on the best. Around 40% of the houses offered to us by vendors are not accepted, because they do not meet our strict criteria for quality and value for money.

Retirement - With its unbeatable food and wines plus that laissez-faire attitude, there is simply nowhere better to retire than France. Many of our clients have retired to France and are now fully integrated into their « communes ».

Healthcare - as the demise of the NHS continues, France's health service provides world quality support and treatments. Virtually no waiting lists and immaculately clean, modern hospitals.

Viewings - need to be confirmed well in advance, normally 7-10 days minimum. Especially during the month of August, (when we also take a few days off), forward planning is essential.

Finally, congratulations to France's victorious football team at the World Cup 2018, and also to Geraint Thomas for winning the Tour de France 2018. Allez!
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