Saturday, 26 January 2019

Why now is the time to spring clean your agents !

Spring – is known as the season of rebirth, revitalisation and regeneration. It’s a time of the year where clean-ups and clear-outs are popular. It’s called a spring clean for a reason, after all.

Whilst we are still in January, Spring is appearing on the horizon, and you should start forward planning. Why?

The property market tends to be better in the Spring, and hopefully we will soon have Brexit and its associated problems behind us.

As we march onwards deeper into 2019 many of you should be asking if you are getting the best from your estate agents?

Being with several agents may appear to be the sensible option, and "widening" your chances of a sale. But the statistics actually suggest the opposite. Working with an agent on a sole agency (or Exclusive mandat) generally ensures a faster sale and achieves a higher price.

Our agency is consistently selling more properties that we have in exclusivity in comparison to "simple" mandats where there are a number of competing agencies.

Your property is unique - so why devalue the property by offering the property to a number of agents, who then advertise the property at varying prices (because of their different fee structures), and use a mixed bag of images, (some bad and some truly awful).

Far better to entrust your sale to one top notch agency who will present your property professionally, invest via their marketing budget, to achieve a sale as quickly as possible for the best possible price.

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