Monday, 11 February 2019

February - the month of romance

February – the month of romance, with Valentine’s Day falling on Thursday 14th. Is this going to be the month that we can help you fall in love with one of our French properties for sale?

We certainly have a great selection, currently over 175 properties on the site, of which 58 are on Exclusive mandats with our agency. Explore the website to see what has changed since you last browsed.

This month is also a great time to view, with the temperatures and the light quality at its worst. No doubt about it, if you like a property in February, you will love it when bathed in sunshine in the summer months.

Constantly in our focus, at the moment, is the Brexit scenario. Obviously it impacts significantly for UK buyers, and the £ enjoyed a mini revival until 29th January and the MPs votes on the various amendment proposals in Parliament. But also, Europe is massively involved, although the consequences for the EU nations of Britain crashing out are not as harsh as they would be for the UK.

On the subject of a referendum, there is talk in France of the Loire Atlantique region to rejoin Brittany. The Government has been asked to consent to a public vote. I hope they know what they are letting themselves in for ....

The PUMA was designed to replace the Couverture Maladie Universelle (CMU) but it goes further in that it is compulsory for any French tax resident who is not affiliated to mainstream French social security or that of another territory for health purposes. The contribution applies to all investment income (revenus du patrimoine) at a rate of 8% after an annual allowance of €9,933 (2018) per person.