Monday, 1 April 2019

Monday, 1 April 2019

1st April - April Fool / Poisson d'avril ..........

We are still here, uncertain about Brexit even though the 29th March was set in stone ages ago. It is fair to say that Europeans are watching this farce played out with increasing weariness. So moving on, no doubt we will return to the subject in the weeks / months ahead.

As a small company, we are very aware that there is a wide choice for our customers out there, and we genuinely appreciate your custom. Our enthusiasm and professionalism sets us apart from the larger companies out there, and we regularly have wonderful testimonials, some of which are highlighted at the foot of this newsletter.

So why do clients choose Allez-Français? First of all, I think that smaller is better. We are closer to the action, we know our properties, our areas and you do not end up dealing with Head Office to arrange viewings etc you deal with us directly. Our focus has always been on providing rapid responses to telephone calls and e-mails, usually within hours or even minutes, rather than longer delays. We cover a large part of S W France, and 3 geographical areas in some detail, all of which are popular with UK & International buyers in particular.

Larger agencies may seem to be an easy "one stop shop", but prove to be anything but that from feedback that we receive. Viewings of 5 or 6 properties in an area such as the Poitou Charentes can result in accompanied visits with 3 or 4 (or more) agents, who vary enormously in talent and experience. Our team is made up of experienced agents who have been with the Allez-Français team for at least 5 years. They are successful because they are enthusiastic and professional. They will guide you as necessary in accordance with your requirements and demands. Often, we are able to propose a property that you may previously have overlooked, based upon the feedback that you give us during your visits. Often, our sales are in conjunction with those clients who have chosen to spend at least a 1/2 day viewing with us, allowing this flexibility.

Don't forget, we can introduce you to a range of complimentary services, primarily Currency Exchange and Mortgage Services. During Q1 of 2019 alone we have seen the £ to € fluctuate between 1.10 and near to 1.18 - that is a 7.25% difference if you got your timing right or wrong, which is what some of our clients have done by having a frequent dialogue with Tom and his team at Foremost. A reminder also, that all of our contracts (CDV) are drafted and signed with a Notaire (not the agency) and similarly, all deposits are paid to the Notaire (not the agency).

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